My name is Thomas Strohm. I'm a physicist specialized in solid state physics. High-temperature superconductors have been the topics of my Ph.D. thesis ("Electronic Raman scattering in high-temperature superconductors") that was written at the Max Planck Institute for solid state phyisics.

Since a few years I work for a large german technology corporation doing consulting in software engineering for in-house clients. I'm specialised in system and software architecture.


Here, I collected some of my writings related to physics.

Remark: With exception of the Wikipedia articles (see below), all writings carry my copyright, the one of the coauthor(s) and/or the one of the publisher.

Published papers

Ph.D. thesis



Here are some short writings that also can be found at Wikipedia (the content is subject to the GNU Free Documentation License).


On March 10th, 2005, together with a friend I was the "first" visitor of the coordinate confluence 33°S/63°W in Argentina. The report can be found here.

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